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Key specification

HVAC (Heating, Ventilation & Air-Conditioning)

Fan coil air-conditioning system (4 pipes) allowing both heating and cooling in middle season. End-user temperature regulation is possible.

Each building floor has 4 independent ventilation units providing pretreated air flow (filtering, cooling and heating)
Winter mode-city heating, with automatic measurement and regulation

BMS (Building management System)

A centralized management platform interconnects the main technical components of the building (heating system, cooling system, ventilation system, electricity).

This allows:
- to define the best global building performance for the
  users, based on the user requirements
- to have a clear sharing out of the costs between tenants
- to monitor usage and to detect defaults


Flexible electrical distribution via the raised floor and floor boxes.
Each floor is divided into 4 zones. Each zone has NORMAL and EMERGENCY boards and meters.
Diesel generator of 270 KVA is installed for EMERGENCY distribution.


Digital CCTV system
Access control at office and parking entries (incl. gates)
Dedicated control room for 24h/7 security


Whole building is under sprinkler extinguishing system
Smoke and CO detection
Lighting protection
Circulation is ready for disable people
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